Aluminum & Glass Hardware
Aluminum  Hardware 

Our unique hardware and systems offer the flexibility and advanced functionality demanded by modern buildings. Combining strong but lightweight aluminum profiles with glazed sections, our hardware systems can be faceted to create the desired finish, whilst offering maximum light transmission into the building with minimum profile sightlines. Our products are thermally broken to ensure maximum performance and all our systems include a wide range of features to provide complete design flexibility. Our hardware systems are inherently strong and sustainable, with contemporary aesthetic forms along with exceptional performance.

Glass  Hardware

Serving the world through high-quality, innovative glass hardware products. With our standards for excellence and integrity, we position ourselves as a cornerstone of every community in which we operate. With a powerful combination of research, technical expertise, and creativity, we provide our valued customers with the unique solutions they require. Rather than going for the easy fix or the cheap product. We dedicate ourselves to perfecting our craft and honoring our customers’ needs with products that meet the highest industry standards for reliability. With our team of exceptional people and the passionate leadership at the helm of our company, we offer an amazing work environment with in-house development.