Sanitary  Accessories  & Faucets

We have been specializing in faucets for the last 30 years with the most important mission: insist on providing high quality, unique, and modern faucets, Ensure people are satisfied for choosing our products. We have mature technology and complete factory production lines. We strive to design both uniquely creative and high-quality faucets. Turn your dream bathroom and kitchen into a reality with our Faucet’s extensive range of kitchens and bathrooms. We offer unique and latest styles, helping you find your signature style, make memorable statements, and live your life to the fullest. We have 2 families of faucets. One in Brass bodies and the other in Zinc Alloy Body, depending on market needs

Bathroom Accessories

We wish to give customers a wide selection of amazingly priced Bath and Interior solutions with a consistently great shopping experience. A reputation of highest quality standards, aesthetics and with the intent of providing world class products for over 25 years. As a one stop solution, We offer a wide range of high quality products, design consultancy and paid installations. We have diversified options in various bathroom Accessories. Our managed marketplace model is an ideal platform for small and medium businesses who wish to sell their merchandise & also for designers to share their expertise to millions of discerning customers. We aim to give you the access to the best products. Incomparable product portfolio in terms of design, availability and quality sets benchmarks for our selected product portfolio.


Our mirror designers have been selected to be as a premier creator of custom glass mirrors solutions, We understand the level of detail and durability that our clients demand to best serve their customers, which is why we prioritize customer feedback in our research and development. With our commitment to providing innovative products to our clients, we go beyond what most contractors expect for their suppliers. We seek to go beyond traditional, limited methods of product development and manufacturing. With a commitment to best serving our clients’ interests — and the needs of their customers — we blend innovation with our rigorous testing process to ensure exceptional results. Our products are durable and designed for lasting performance. We control our own manufacturing quality insurance, we can innovate and improve as we meet the highest standards of industry compliance.